What is oil drainer

 An oil drain, also known as an oil drain pan or oil collector, is a specialized container or receptacle used to collect and safely dispose of used motor oil or other automotive fluids during oil changes or maintenance on vehicles and machinery.

  The primary function of an oil drain is to provide a basin or container for the discharge of used motor oil from a vehicle engine. The oil basin is designed to hold some fluid. Secondly many oil drains have a funnel or a vent with a spout, which facilitates the controlled pouring of used motor oil into the container and helps prevent spills and contamination. Manufacturers also give oil drains handles or wheels for easy transportation and disposal of the collected oil. To increase ease of use, oil drains also have the addition of integrated funnels to direct the flow of oil into the collection basin, and some models have capacity markers or capacity indicators to help the user estimate the amount of oil to be collected.

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