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Hydraulic floor jacks usually use thick welded steel plate construction and oversized saddle designs. They have a handle for easy operation and storage. In daily operations, they are often used to lift, move, or push heavy objects.
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About Hydraulic Floor Jack

    The hydraulic floor jack is an significant hydraulic tool used to lift heavy objects and mobile devices, typically vehicles, for maintenance or repair purposes. When trying to repair a vehicle, it can easily lift the entire car quickly. This is particularly advantageous in situations where prompt lifting is essential, such as when changing a flat tire or performing quick undercarriage inspections. It makes life easier and more efficiently for many mechanics and car owners.  

    A hydraulic floor jack usually consists of a base plate, a detachable handle, a release valve, a saddle, and four durable roller wheels. The jack's frame houses the hydraulic cylinder and pump assembly. It also comes with safety features like overload protection valve to prevent the jack from overloading. Some hydraulic floor jacks may have a dual pump with a U-joint release mechanism or a side foot pedal for easier and faster operation. These jack components work together can provide a safe and efficient method for lifting heavy loads in automotive applications.

   Hydraulic floor jacks come in a variety of lifting capacities and are suitable for lifting all types of vehicles, from small cars to large trucks. This versatility makes them a valuable tool for vehicle maintenance and repair. 

   Overall, hydraulic floor jack is designed to provide strength, stability, versatility and ease of use to lift heavy objects safely and efficiently.

Professional 3 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack for Car

Model: OM490, OM500 and OM510

3 Ton Ultra Low Profile Hydraulic Floor Jack

Model: OM590

Rapid Lift Low Profile 3.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

Model: OM592

Low Profile 3 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

Model: OM580

3 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack with Rapid Dual Pump

Model: OM570

Lightweight 3 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack for Car

Model: OM490

Portable 2.5 Ton Low Profile Hydraulic Floor Jack

Model: OM609

Rapid Lift 4 Ton Low Profile Hydraulic Floor Jack

Model: OM592B

3 Ton Automotive Hydraulic Floor Jack with Foot Paddle

Model: OM490C, OM500C, OM510C and OM535C

Professional 3.5 Ton Hydraulic Garage Jack for Car

Model: OM535

Low Profile 2.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack with Rotation Handle

Model: OM609B
Product usage scenario
How do you use a hydraulic floor jack correctly? 

-All parts must be checked before using the jack.

-The main parameters of the jack should be strictly observed when in use to avoid overloading. Otherwise, if the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the regulations of the limit, the top of the hydraulic cylinder may experience oil leakage.

-When the jack in use, first connect the quick joint of the manual pump to the top, then select the right position, tighten the oil discharge screw on the oil pump, and then it can work. To make the piston rod drop, loosen the hand pump wheel slightly counterclockwise and the cylinder will be unloaded. Then the piston rod will drop gradually. Otherwise it will be dangerous to fall too fast.

-The jack must be placed on solid, level ground such as a paved or concrete driveway or garage floor. If the vehicle is on soft ground or gravel, use hard wooden points to ensure proper support under the jack.

-Avoid violent vibrations of the jack during use, and do not use it in workplaces with acid, alkali, or corrosive gases.
-If the jack lifts heavy objects that need to be supported for a long time, it should be timely to use jack stands to provide additional safety and support.




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How to repair a hydraulic floor jack?

1.  Check whether the oil drain valve is fullly closed. (Whether the the oil drainer handle is full tightened). 

  • 2.  If the dust enters the hydraulic system or the hydraulic oil in the cylinder is too little, the oil hole bolts of the oil pump can't be opened, the hydraulic oil can be replaced or the hydraulic oil can be replenished, the oil hole bolts can be tightened, the oil drain handle can be tightened and loosened for half a turn, and the air can be discharged by the pressure handle.

3.  If the jack vibrates or rises showly when it is lifted, tighten the oil drain handle, loosen it half a turn, and pressure the handle to drain the air. 
4.  If the jack with a double pump needs repair, pull out the double pump piston spring, unscrew the piston bolt, take out the bottom retaining ring, take out the two sealed steel balls, and check whether the steel balls are intact. If the piston is overflowing with oil, pull out the double pump piston and replace a new piston seal. If the oil drain valve leaks, remove the oil drain valve bolt and clean it, replace the sealing ring on the oil drain valve bolt, and install the oil drainer valve.

                                                               How to maintain hydraulic floor jacks?
Monthly maintenance is recommended. Lubrication is very important for jacks as they support heavy loads. Any restriction due to dirt, rust, etc., can cause either slow movement or extremely rapid jerks, damaging the internal components. The following steps are designed to keep the jacks well-lubricated: 
1. Lubricate the ram, linkages, saddle and pump mechanism with light oil. Grease wheels bearings and axles.

  1. 2. Visually inspect for cracked welds, bent, loose, missing parts or hydraulic oil leaks.
    3. If the jack is subjected to abnormal load or shock, remove from service and have it examined by a customer service representative prior to use.
  2. 4. Clean all surfaces and maintain all labels and warnings.
    5. Check and maintain the ram oil level.
    6. Check ram every 3 months for any sign of rust or corrosion. Clean as needed and wipe with an oil cloth . 

7. Make sure to store your jacks in the fully lowered position. This will help protect critical areas from excessive corrosion. 




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