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Shop press is ideal for removal and installation of gears, universal joints, pulleys, wrist pins, benging, straightening and other various jobs.
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   A shop press also called a hydraulic press, is a hydraulic machinery equipment that uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate compression force. It is commonly used in workshops and producing tasks involving pressing, bending and straightening metal parts. The Press generally include a solid frame, a hydraulic pump, a hydaulic cylinder with piston, and a hydraulic bottle jack or a gauge.

   Shop presses are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, from smaller benchtop models to larger floor-standing models. Due to their ability to perform a wide range of tasks, they are essential equipment in many metal working, manufacturing and repair workshops. They are favored for their ability to precisely apply large amounts of force, which makes them essential for tasks that require control and strong pressure.

   Different types of presses have different manufacturing processes and usage scenarios, but the common point is that they can provide users with high-quality production tools. No matter which type of press can meet your specific requirements, our commitment remains unwavering to provide presses of the high quality standards that meet and exceed your expectations. With extensive manufacturing experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Omega machinery can guarantee your satisfaction and invite you to contact us to learn more about our shop presses and services.

12 ton shop press

Model: OS-1202

20 ton shop press

Model: OS-2002A and OS-2002

10 Ton Benchtop Hydraulic Shop Press with Gauge

Model: OS-1002B

12 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press With Gauge

Model: OS-1202B

20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press With Gauge

Model: OS-2002B

20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press With Dual Pump

Model: OS-2002D

Hydraulic 30 Ton Shop Press With Gauge

Model: OS-3002D

50 ton heavy duty hydraulic shop press

Model: OS-5002T

Hydraulic 50 Ton Shop Press with Double Speed Pump

Model: OS-2002K, OS-3002K and OS-5002K

Air Hydraulic 50 Ton Shop Press With Gauge

Model: OS-5002E

75 Ton Heavy Duty Pneumatic Hydraulic Shop Press

Model: OS-7502

100 Ton Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Shop Press

Model: OS-10002
25 Total
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What are the Parts of a Shop Press?

Figuring out the sections of the shop press is vital for understanding how it operates. Here are the main components:   

  • Frame: The sturdy frame acts as a skeleton that prevents the vessel from bending or breaking under pressure. The overall frame is more stable with multi-point fixed bolts.          
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: This is the core of the press. The hydraulic cylinder contains a piston that moves under the hydraulic pressure and applies force to the pressed object.
  • Pressure Gauge: This component shows the amount of pressure being applied, enabling the tools that require particular pressure settings to carry out their functions accurately.
  • Pump: Manual or powered, the pump provides the hydraulic fluid pressure to move the piston inside the cylinder.
  • Bed or Table: This is where the part is situated. The bed is usually adjustable to fit projects of different dimensions.

8000 square
2 Automated Production
70 workers

What Types of Shop Press Are Available?

Shop presses are available in different types to serve many needs, from manufacturing to small workshops. Get to learn about the types, and then pick the one that suits your projects the most.

Manual Hydraulic Shop Presses

Traditional manual hydraulic shop presses operate with the use of a hand pump that transfers the physical effort of the user to produce pressure. These are most suitable for small workshops or occasional use, where the volume of work needs to reach the point of an automatic press being cost-effective. These units are usually more affordable and easy to maintain, so hobbyists and small production enterprises prefer them.

Pneumatic Hydraulic Shop Presses

Pneumatic hydraulic shop presses utilize air pressure produced by a compressor to form hydraulic force. These presses provide benefits such as uniform pressure application and quicker operation than manual ones. They work in operations where speed and quickness are of the essence; however, it might involve an air compressor that is considered a setup cost.

Electric Hydraulic Shop Presses

Electric hydraulic shop presses use an electric motor to drive a hydraulic pump instead of manpower or an air compressor. They offer precise pressure and speed regulation, which makes them advantageous for high-volume or industrial operations. Electric presses are the most expensive of the three types, but they also provide the highest convenience and efficiency.

Apart from the power source, shop presses also differ in their design as followed: 

Benchtop models: These smaller presses are designed for workspace depreciation, which makes them suitable for light-duty tasks like jewelry making or small part fabrication. They are mobile but have lesser holding strengths.

Floor-standing models:
Sales floor models are larger and mounted on the ground, as they are made to withstand higher load forces. They are well-suited for industries that can deal with bigger workpieces.

What are some common uses of shop presses?

Metal Forming: Pressing and shaping metal components for fabrication processes.

Bearing and Bushing Installation/Removal: Pressing bearings, bushings, or similar components into or out of parts.

Straightening: Straightening bent or deformed metal parts.

Assembly and Disassembly: Press-fitting parts together or disassembling components.

Punching and Stamping: Creating holes or shapes in metal sheets or plates.










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