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A floor jack is a common tool used to lift vehicles or car parts off the ground during repairs or maintenance, making it ideal for use in car and truck service, shops, and on farms.
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    A floor jack is a lifting tool that uses rigid lifting parts as a working device to lift heavy objects with a small stroke through the top support. It is commonly used in daily operations to lift, move, or push heavy objects. With the aid of this floor jack, you can attain the needed lifting capacity to raise a load off the ground.
   The Floor Jacks are available in different types including 2 ton, 2.5 ton, 3 ton, 3.5 ton and 4 ton, these various types of jacks can meet the lifting needs of general cars, low-chassis cars, off-road cars and trucks. For those requiring the lifting of heavier trucks, the long floor jacks are deemed to be a more suitable option, as they have robust lifting power to ensure efficient completion of tasks and getting the work done easily.

    As one of the most professional floor jack manufacturers in China, Omega Machinery is well-known for its high quality products, competitive prices and good services. Our floor jack producing process includes cutting, stamping, welding, powder coating, testing, assembly and packaging. 

   In recent years, Omega Machinery's hot-selling types are the 3 ton low profile floor jack, 3.5 ton low profile floor jack, and 4 ton low profile floor jack. They have a twin pump design and can lift quickly. The low-profile design can fit racing cars and low cars.

Professional 3 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack for Car

Model: OM490, OM500 and OM510

2 ton floor jack 6 kg

Model: OM600 and OM600D

3 Ton Ultra Low Profile Hydraulic Floor Jack

Model: OM590

Hydraulic 2 Ton Trolley Jack for Car

Model: OM601 and OM601D

High Lift Hydraulic Car 2 Ton Trolley Jack

Model: OM603 and OM603D

2 Ton Car Hydraulic Trolley Jack

Model: OM604 and OM604D

3 Ton Hydraulic Long Floor Jack for Car

Model: OM930

Low profile 2.5 ton trolley jack

Model: OM608

Mini 2 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack for Car

Model: OM0402

Rapid Lift Low Profile 3.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

Model: OM592

Low Profile 3 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

Model: OM580

22 Ton Air Operated Hydraulic Floor Jack

27 Total
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What is a floor jack? 

   The floor jack has a wide base and a solid structure, providing stability and safety when lifting heavy objects. It also includes a horizontal beam and a vertical piston, and a hydraulic system uses oil to lift the beam when force is applied. It is a lifting tool suitable for different types of vehicles such as cars and trucks, to lift them off the ground for car maintenance and repair work. Unlike the traditional vertical bottle jack, the floor jack operates horizontally, offering stability in the horizontal direction and a strong lifting capacity.



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What are floor jacks used for?

  Floor jacks are widely used to lift and support the weight of vehicles or mobile devices. They are essential hydraulic tools that play an important role in auto repair shops and factories. Their purpose is to lift heavy objects, which not only saves manpower but also aids in repairing or inspecting objects.

In general, auto repair shops typically use 3 ton floor jacks, 3.5ton floor jacks and 2ton floor jacks due to their ease of operation. Long floor jacks have a large lifting capacity and are suitable for large and heavy vehicles. The advantage of a low-profile floor jack is its low chassis, making it suitable for use with sports cars as it can ensure great stability after lifting.

 Various types of floor jacks can also be used in transportation, mines, and other lifting and supporting tasks. Their structures are stable, firm, flexible, and reliable, and can be operated efficiently and safely by users. 

How do you operate a floor jack correctly? 

1. Loosen the nut of the replacement wheel, but do not unscrew it.
2. Insert the handle into the jack and shake the floor jack handle clockwise to the appropriate height.
3. Place the floor jack under the lifting position specified by the automobile factory, turn the handle clockwise to ensure the jack saddle makes contact with the jacking point, and check whether the contact is safe and reliable.
4. Then, rock the handle to raise the vehicle to the appropriate height, replace the tire, and tighten the nut.
5. Finally, take out the jack and turn the oil return valve counterclockwise, the jack will gradually drop.       

Through the above instructions, you can clearly understand how to use a floor jack correctly and safely lift vehicles or heavy objects.




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