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Bottle jack is a hydraulic or pneumatic tool specifically designed for lifting heavy loads. It operates by utilizing the principles of hydraulics or pneumatics to generate power, enabling it to lift and support objects.
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      Bottle Jack is very common in automobile maintenance and can be used to lift vehicles to facilitate tire replacement, chassis maintenance and other operations. In the construction and industrial fields, it is also used to support and lift various heavy loads.

      A bottle jack typically consists of a fixed base, pump plunger, top hat, push level, handle, release valve, vertical cylinder and piston rod, these components work together can create a hydraulic system that allows for realizing the lifting, lowering, supporting and fixing the objects. Its working principle is based on the principle of hydraulic mechanics, through manual operation of the handle, so that the liquid through the hydraulic cylinder, so as to push the lifting rod of the jack upward movement, to achieve the lifting of the load. The bottle jack base is usually designed to be robust to ensure safety during use. 

     Compared to floor jacks, bottle jacks are more compact and portable, making them easier to store and transport. Therefore, they can be better suitable for a variety of applications, such as car repair, construction and other heavy lifting tasks. On the other hand, bottle jacks have lifting capacities ranging from 2 tons to 100 tons, this versatility can allow them to handle heavy objects more efficiently and conveniently.

    Overall, bottle jacks not only perform admirably in the automotive maintenance sector but also demonstrate comprehensive practicality in the construction and industrial fields. Their compact and portable design, reliable structure, and multifunctional application nature make them an ideal choice for various occasions requiring lifting or supporting heavy loads. As a versatile and practical tool, the bottle jack continues to play a crucial role in various industries.
      As a professional bottle jack manufacturer in China, Omega Machinery put greater emphasis on the quality and safety. In the manufacturing process, we strictly adhere to quality control standards, meticulously ensuring that each product reach national standards and regulations.

Hydraulic Bottle Jack for Car


Hydraulic Bottle Jack with safety valve


20 Ton Air Operated Hydraulic Bottle Jack


20t Air Powered Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Model: OA-20B

30 Ton Air Operated Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Model: OA-30 and OA-32

20 Ton Low Profile Air Bottle Jack

Model: OA-20L

12 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Model: OA-12

Heavy Duty 50 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Model: OA-50

5 Ton Air over Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Model: OA-05

50 Ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bottle Jack


32 Ton Hydraulic Heavy Duty Bottle Jack


20 Ton Car Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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How to maintain a bottle jack? 

-Generally, the oil of the bottle jack must be changed once a year, and the oil pipes must be cleaned one or more times during a year to ensure that the jack may be used normally and personal safety. The Bottle jack use oil as medium, so it is necessary to do well in the maintenance of oil and equipment, so as not to block or leak oil, affect the use effect.

-The bottom of the bottle jack should be flat and tough when using it.

-The lifting is required to be stable, and the heavy objects should be checked for abnormal conditions after a while. If there is no abnormal condition, the lifting can be continued. Do not lengthen the handle arbitrarily or operate it too hard. Not overloaded, super high.

-When several bottle jacks are working at the same time, a professional person must be instructed to make the lifting or lowering proceed simultaneously. The wood block should be supported between two adjacent jacks to ensure the spacing to prevent sliding.

-Idle the bottle jacks for a long time, due to the seal is not working and hardening, thus affecting the service life of hydraulic jacks, the jacks in not in use, every month to make its no-load reciprocating movement 2 ~ 3 times.

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How to repair a bottle jack?

  Before fixing a bottle jack, first turn the oil out of the cylinder. It is best to have a pipe wrench. If not, find another way to fix it. Put the seal on the bottle jack upper plug with round fluff milling after tear down, the screw and the cup and the piston parts out, and then observe the cup or piston rubber plug have worn or broken, bad to change it, look at the ball and check the oil bearing clearance ever bigger, scrutinize ball ever larger wear, if only replace broken.
Finally, reinstall each parts of the bottle jack, and then fill the jack with hydraulic oil. On the side surface of the jack, there is a rubber plug. Put the jack upside down with the plug facing up, open the plug, and fill it with hydraulic oil. Fill with oil until the jack is upright, and the oil level is just level with the plug.

How To Fill Bottle Jack with Hydraulic Oil?

Preparation: First, set the jack on a flat and stable surface. Ensure that it is down all the way.
Locate the Oil Filler Port: Locate the oil filler plug on the jack. It can be found on the body of the jack next to the bottom part.
Drain Old Oil (If Necessary): Say you are changing oil; first, drain the old oil by opening the valve and tilting the jack to let the oil flow into a disposal container.
Fill with Hydraulic Oil: Having drained out, place the jack vertically and remove the filler plug. Take a funnel and slowly pour the hydraulic oil of good quality into the filler hole until it stops at the recommended level. Avoid overfilling.
Remove Air Bubbles: Finally, screw the pump handle a few times with the release valve open. Doing this removes the air bubbles trapped in the oil, and as expected, it ensures smooth functioning.
Check and Close: Check the oil for the second time and make the necessary adjustments. The next step is to screw down the filler plug tightly.
Test the Jack: Last, subject the jack to a mild load to ensure it functions properly and smoothly.
Remember that the type and quality of hydraulic oil must be selected according to the manufacturer's specifications to achieve the performance and long life of the jack.










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