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Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter in Zhejiang China, our company is specialized in manufacturing/exporting all kinds of auto repair tools and vehicle maintenance equipments, such as kinds of bottle Jack, floor Jack, jack stand, porta power Jack, engine cranes, engine stands, shop press, spring compressors, oil extractors, sandblasters, benders and other related garage tools. Having skilled workers, experienced engineer team and strict management, our company has much ability to develop new products every year.
Hydraulic Bottle Jack
Hydraulic Floor Jack
Engine Crane
Shop Press
Transmission Jack
Oil Extractor
Pneumatic Bottle Jack
Jack Stand
Engine Support
Car Creeper
Farm Jack
Hand Pallet Truck
Over 30 years specialized in manufacturing and supplying garage equipments & auto repair tools.

The kinds of jacks are lifting device that use hydraulic pump or pneumatic pump as a working device for lifting heavy objects within the stroke through a top bracket.

The jack mainly used in garage, factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting, support and other work.

Automotive and motorcycle workshops often need to use lifting equipment, and one of the most important pieces of lifting equipment used in general automotive and motorcycle workshop is the jack. This type of jack is extremely versatile, it has many advantages, such as simple structure, light weight, easy to carry, convenient movement. And can not only help lift vehicles, but can also aid in pushing vehicles around.  


Most of our jack products meet CE standard and EAC standard
Our factory have got experience and strong technology in producing auto repair tools and equipment in many years, we have skilled workers and strict management for meeting customers'demands.
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