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Porta power jack is appicable to the repair of car and truck bodies, the components snap together for quick setups to apply pushing, spreading or pulling force.
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    Portal power jack also known as hydraulic porta power jack or porta power hydraulic jack, is a hydraulic tool used for straightening, lifting, pressing, pulling, pushing, spreading and bending loads. Its quick-connect design allows for assembly in seconds, and the automatic safety overload system can protects the equipment.
     A porta power jack usually includes a hydraulic pump with a hose, a hydraulic cylinder, spreader, rubber head, V-shaped head, wedge head, flat base, serrated saddle, plunger toe, ring claw and assorted extension tubes. The hydraulic pump is typically operated manually, pressurizes hydraulic oil. This pressurized oil is then delivered through a hose to a hydraulic cylinder.
    The portal power jack is a commonly used tool in automotive repair, construction, and other industrial applications where heavy objects need to be lifted or manipulated. It provides a portable and versatile solution for tasks such as straightening car frames, bending metal, and lifting heavy equipment. Easy replacement and the ability to connect different hydraulic cylinders make it adaptable to a wide range of tasks. With its compact and portable design, the porta power jack can provide significant convenience and ease of use.
     If you are in search of high-quality porta power jacks at competitive prices, Omega Machinery can provide you with the best products.

Manual 10 Ton Porta Power Hydraulic Jack

Model: OP-10C

10 Т Manual Porta Power Hydraulic Jack for Car

Model: OP-10B

10 Ton Manual Hydraulic Porta Power Jack

Model: OP-10

10 Ton Hydraulic Porta Power Jack with Double Pump

Model: OP-10D

Manual 15 Ton Porta Power Hydraulic Jack

Model: OP-15B

15 Ton Hydraulic Porta Power Jack with Gauge

Model: OP-15G

Hydraulic 20 Ton Porta Power Jack

Model: OP-20B

4 Ton Manual Porta Power Hydraulic Jack

Model: OP-4

4 Ton Manual Hydraulic Porta Power Jack for Car

Model: OP-4B

10 Ton Manual Porta Power Hydraulic Jack Welding Pump Type

Model: OP-10W

15 Ton Manual Hydraulic Porta Power Jack-welding pump type

Model: OP-15

Manual 20 Ton Porta Power Hydraulic Jack-welding pump type

Model: OP-20
16 Total
What are the components/accessories of a porta power jack?
Hydraulic Hand Pump: The hydraulic cylinder used to pump to produce hydraulic power.
  1. Hose: Transfer hydraulic pressure.  
  2. Hydraulic cylinders: Ranges from as low as 4 tons to as high as 20 tons.
  3. Pole: Apply force to the body of the car and spread it out.
  4. Assorted Extension Tubes: Help ensure that the porta power jack reach the parts user want to operate. They also connect the plunger to the hydraulic cylinder.
  5. Connectors: These are the connectors that help propel the body.
  6. Flat Base: Supporting the porta power jack.
  7. Wedge Head: The part of the vehicle that imposes pressure on the part that needs to be pushed.
  8. Plunger Toe: The part of a device used to spreader a spreader.
  9. Flexible Head: Part of the porta power jack.
  10. Serrated Saddle: Used to apply a certain amount of pressure on a flexible head.
  11. Carry case : It is used to store and carry porta power jack.  
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What are the benefits of a porta power jack?

  1. Porta power jack have a load capacity of up to 4 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons and 20 tons, enabling them to push heavy bodywork.
  2. They use hydraulic power to easily deploy and propel the body.
  3. Most portal power jacks on the market have overload systems to help prevent hammer and equipment damage.
  4. They are portable, so no power supply is required.
  5. porta power sockets have various components that are easy to assemble.
  6. Ideal for denting and bending in thick steel materials.
  7. Most of them have multiple uses, such as body repair, dents and panels.
  8. They have many uses, such as in garages, farms and heavy equipment maintenance.
  9. They can be used to reach narrow spaces inaccessible by other body alignment tools.

What is the purpose of the porta power jack?
  1. A body part damaged by a push vehicle.
  2. A body part damaged by a traction vehicle
  3. Used to spread bent parts of a vehicle.
  4. Used to align damaged parts of the body.
  5. Correct damaged parts of the vehicle body.
  6. Provide the flexibility and accessibility required in the vehicle's narrow areas.
  7. Can be used for automobile repair, frame repair and construction work.




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