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  • Jul
    Basic operation method of floor jack

    1. When moving the floor jack, adjust the grip to 45°, and the staff can push and pull the jack.2. When the working position is aligned, adjust the grip to the horizontal direction, and adjust the position of the jack from front to back.3. Hold the squeegee lever handle and adjust the grip angle.4.

  • Jul
    The advantages of the mechanic creeper

    1. Equipped with six superwell-resistant steel ball universal wheel, ensure the maneuverabilityof pulley, make the job easier.2. Select advanced PE material as basic material, to ensure the stability of the product and lasting durability.3. Ergonomic design lie down comfortable, which is motor repai

  • Jun
    High quality air hydraulic bottle jack

    1. The air hydraulic bottle jack is made of high quality steel which meets the strict quality and durability standards.2. High-quality and large-diameter hydraulic steel cylinder unit that increases the oil pressure required for the load, helping to reduce wear and extend service life.3.Engineddred

  • Jun
    The scope of the spring compressor

    Spring compressor is suitable for all automotive and spring-disassembled column dampers. Its practicability, operability, simplicity and safety of use have unique advantages. With the use of various handles, the installation can be reduced. The installation and relaxation of the shock absorber and s

  • Apr
    The features of shop crane

    1) Do not overload the shop crane;2) European one-arm crane, mobile single-arm crane, lifting rod, please check whether the ground conditions are allowed to use before use;3) One-arm crane and European one-arm crane need to load the goods correctly;4) Wear safety shoes and gloves when handling;5) Pl

  • Apr
    The advantage of the jack stand

    1. The jack stand is uniform welding, reliable quality and beautiful appearance.2. It has thickened load-bearing mats, so the texture of the soft ground is better.3. Bold solid handle for easy and safe use.4. Cast steel rack is more durable, safer and more reliable.5. The bracket material is thick s

  • Apr
    Description of Hydraulic Trolley Jack

    1.The material is high quality steel , powerful jacks make big loads.2.Low profile design are perfect for “close quarters” lifting.3.Safely overload system to prevent use beyond.4.360°swivel saddle pad and universal wheels provide easy maneuvering and positioning.5.Manual release from two sides, dou

  • Apr
    Introduction of shop press

    The shop press is a machine with exquisite structure, wide application and high production efficiency. It is a special equipment for vehicle maintenance. It can be used for the disassembly and assembly of automobile gears, bearings and cylinder liners, and the alignment of deformed parts. The equipm

  • Apr
    Operating procedures of shop crane

    The shop crane is made of reinforced steel with a horizontal fixed wheel for load movement, making your movement convenient and fast. It is widely used in automobile repair shops, abrasive tools factories, workshops, and special harsh environments.1. Select a flat ground so that the four wheels are

  • Mar
    The usage and maintenance methods of farm jack

    The farm jack is a self-elastic locking device that uses the principle of lever to manually rock the arm. The safe and reliable hole card is locked, the operation is simple and easy to use, and the lifting height is large. It is suitable for repair and rescue assisting functions of wild off-road veh

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