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What is vehicle positioning jack?

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Product Introduction: vehicle positioning jack is brand new tool designed for all sorts of operations. You can use it in very short time consumption for many operations, such as change your car tires, lift a vehicle, etc...


What is vehicle positioning jack?

Vehicle positioning jack is a great tool for quick and easy lifting & moving of vehicles. Can move a car or van with just one person. Simply slide vehicle positioning jack around bottom half of tire then pump foot pedal. Vehicle positioning jack will squeeze and then lift wheel off floor. Portable with four phenolic swivel casters. Steel construction.

The high-quality hydraulic position jack is suitable for most cars and light vans. Four strong swivel casters allow vehicle to be positioned in any direction. It can use foot pedal to raise vehicle smoothly. The maximum opening is 58cm and the minimum opening: 30cm

vehicle positioning jack 

Advantages of vehicle positioning jack

Vehicle positioning jack is made with good material. Made of high-quality steel, sturdy and durable. The max. Load is up to 1500lbs.

Easy handling. Firm and stable foot pedal of vehicle positioning jack for convenient use of the maneuvering aid.

Comfortable movement. vehicle positioning jack can 4 x 360 ° freely rotatable wheels ensure easy and efficient movement.

Vehicle positioning jack has heavy-duty nylon tires and swivel joints with ball bearings

Protection for tires. Raise and lower PVC protective covers for vehicle positioning jack's tires.

Security. Locking pins reliably prevent unwanted lowering of the wheel.

With retaining hooks for space-saving storage


Features of vehicle positioning jack

vehicle positioning jack contains steel constructed frame & hydraulic unit, Aluminum contact lift rollers for addition strength, 4 x 360° heavy duty swivel wheels on each positioning jack, 2 x wheels include a safety lock, and Hydraulic ram housed within steel frame preventing damage to ram & seals.


Components of vehicle positioning jack

Nylon Swivel Casters of vehicle positioning jack

Heavy Duty Bi-direction Hydraulic Mechanism and Heavy Gauge Steel Construction

Lift your car just enough to move it in any direction with vehicle positioning jack

Handles tires up to 12 inch wide

Vehicle positioning jack can push your car sideways to store it in the perfect position with effortless mobility - rolls in any direction


Vehicle positioning jack, easy to operate, easy to use. The handle design conforms to the principle of ergonomics and has three functions: lifting, carrying and lowering. Integral casting oil cylinder, beautiful appearance, durable, made of high-quality steel plate, chrome plated piston rod, internal relief valve to provide overload protection, lowering speed control, valve core using integral parts, reduce maintenance costs. It's a good helper to carry the goods in the workshop. Vehicle positioning jack is great for effortless lifting and moving of vehicles, Features foot pedal for simple and effective use, Ideal to squeeze and lift wheel off floor and Includes casters in order for smooth and easy portability.


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