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What is a porta power jack?

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Porta Electric Jacks are mechanical tools designed primarily for car body alignment that push, pull, align, expand and straighten the car body. What is the purpose of the porta power jack? How does the porta power jack work?


What is the purpose of the porta power jack?

How does the porta power jack work?

What are the porta power jack components/accessories?


What is the purpose of the porta power jack?

1.A body part damaged by a push vehicle.

2.A body part damaged by a traction vehicle

3.Used to spread bent parts of a vehicle.

4.Used to align damaged parts of the body.

5.Correct damaged parts of the vehicle body.

6.Provide the flexibility and accessibility required in the vehicle's narrow areas.

7.Can be used for automobile repair, frame repair and construction work.

porta power jack 

How does the porta power jack work?

1.Safety check: Before starting use, please check your portal power socket for damage, missing parts and leakage, and ensure that the work area is clean.

2.Assemble: You need to assemble a Porta outlet before use. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's manual for instructions on how to assemble a Porta outlet and how to disassemble it. You should assemble the door power socket according to its purpose (e.g. pull, stretch, unfold, or align).

3.Position the release valve firmly and close it by turning it clockwise before use.

4.After closing the valve and attaching the horse assembly to the plunger, draw in your door power jack to apply hydraulic pressure to the plunger assembly. The hydraulic power will allow the ram to stretch/stretch and repair the required parts of the body.

5.Continue pumping until the desired plunger width is reached.


What are the porta power jack components/accessories?

1.Hydraulic hand pumps are used to apply hydraulic power to push or push the body.

2.Hose: Transfer hydraulic pressure

3.Rams: Ranges from as low as 4 tons to as high as 20 tons

4.Pole: Apply force to the body of the car and spread it out.

5.Extension tube: helps ensure that the door power jack reaches the parts you want to operate. It also connects the plunger to the hydraulic cylinder.

6.Male Connectors: These are the connectors that help propel the body.

7.Flat base supporting the porta power jack

8.Wedge head: The part of the vehicle that imposes pressure on the part that needs to be pushed.

9.Spreader plunger toe: The part of a device used to spreader a spreader.

10.Flexible head: Part of the porta power jack.

11.Hydraulic pump: The hydraulic cylinder used to pump to produce hydraulic power.

12.Serrated saddle: Used to apply a certain amount of pressure on a flexible head.

13.Carry case to store and carry porta power jack


The user's manual will shows how to use, repair, assemble, and store the porta power jack.If you are looking for high-quality porta power jack at reasonable prices, Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd will provide you with the best products.    

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