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What is a Hydraulic Shop Press

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  A hydraulic shop press is a type of machine press that uses a cylinder in order to create a compressive force.

The force of the shop press can be used for a variety of jobs such as clinching, moulding, forging and metalworking; it also has the ability to create a variety of intricate shapes for more precise projects.

  A shop press can come in several different types such as the mechanical press, hydraulic and pneumatic hydraulic press; these presses come in a wide variety of tonnage ranges for heavy duty or light jobs as well as different sizes.

it has two higher duty models available such as the 50 ton shop press and the 30 ton shop press;the 30 ton press can be used for most jobs in the workshop and the 50 ton hydraulic press provides a bigger table for larger pieces of material.On the lighter end of specifications are the 20 ton hydraulic press and the 12 ton shop press; the 20 ton press is great for handling most jobs in the workshop/garage while the 12 ton hydraulic press can be used for more light work.

  The hydraulic shop press is also great for metal forming projects where you want to create complex shapes without having to expend a large amount of energy to do so; forging and other techniques such as clinching are often used for more specific projects where you need the right shape to accomplish a specific purpose.

  Small shop presses or hydraulic presses can also be used to fix damaged material that has been misshapen in a process known as straightening—this technique is often used to help save owners a lot of money in material expenses.

  Many owners also use the benchtop hydraulic press to bond two different materials together or create press fits; these types of techniques that would normally take a large amount of energy or space can be done in a compact area.


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