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Welding hydraulic bottle jack advantage

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Welding hydraulic bottle jack advantage

The adjusting rod can be adjusted independently to suit the needs for different heights.

The oil cylinder and the shell adopt the welding process to ensure better sealing performance of the jack.

The surface of the pump core is bright and hard chrome plated, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and improves the life of the product.

Welding hydraulic bottle jack operates with low noise and is easy to use.

The built-in safety valve ensures product safe and reliability.

Handle slot at one end and tighten the oil return valve clockwise.

Use occasion

 1. Used for the maintenance of various transportation vehicles.

 2. It can be used as a temporary support transfer tool when handle machinery and equipment.

 3. Welding hydraulic bottle jack can be used for local shaping during auto repair.

4. It is widely used in electric power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static pile, foundation settlement, bridge and ship repair, especially in the construction of highway and railway, mechanical calibration, equipment disassembly and so on.

5.The jack is compact in structure, stable in operation, and has a self-locking and safety valve device.

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