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The reason why you choose us about hydraulic jack

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The hydraulic trolley jacks are mainly used for vehicle repair and other lifting ,support, etc. Its structure is light and strong, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate. The cylinder piston rods have a metal plating that reduces friction and prevents air corrosion. The overflow function limits the stroke, uses safety pressure-retaining devices to prevent sudden overpressure, and the special structure protects the jack. High-strength alloy steel is durable and high-temperature paint, so the surface corrosion and impact resistance, dust ring design to reduce pollution and prolong life.

   The core management team and production technical team of the company has ten years of experience in the industry. Confidence and self-respect! Since our establishment, we insist on innovation of technology, products and management. Our service can be trusted completely, we product the suitable for the needs of customers' personalized products according to client's requirement.


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