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Product Description of The Hydraulic Floor Jack

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The hydraulic floor jack is smaller in size and can produce more working ability, especially in places with narrow space, and has the functions of light and flexible, and strong top force. This product is widely used in power, chemical, steel, bridge, machinery and other enterprises.

1. If the oil quantity of the pump body is insufficient, it is necessary to add oil to the pump before working.

2. The user estimates weight, should not be overloaded.

3. Determine the center of gravity of the lifting object, and select the point of the jack. At the same time, it must be considered whether the floor is soft and hard, whether it is padded with tough wood, so as to avoid the danger of dumping when lifting.

4. It is forbidden to use several jacks at the same time to avoid the imbalance of load and the danger of dumping.

5. First connect the quick joint of the manual pump to the top, then select the position and screw the oil drain screw on the oil pump to work. Loosen the oil drain screw and unload the cylinder.


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  • Basic operation method of floor jack

    1. When moving the floor jack, adjust the grip to 45°, and the staff can push and pull the jack.2. When the working position is aligned, adjust the grip to the horizontal direction, and adjust the position of the jack from front to back.3. Hold the squeegee lever handle and adjust the grip angle.4.


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