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Instructions and precautions of the hydraulic long floor jack

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1. Loosen the nut of the replacement wheel, but do not unscrew it.

2. Put the handle into the screw jack and shake the handle of long floor jack clockwise to the appropriate height.

3. Place the jack under the lifting position specified by the automobile factory, turn the handle clockwise to make the jack saddle contact with the jacking part, and check whether the contact is safe and reliable.

4. Then, rock the handle to raise the vehicle to the appropriate height, replace the tire, and tighten the nut.

5. When using a jack to support the vehicle, it is strictly forbidden to enter the bottom of the car! It must be supported by a safety bracket before entering the bottom of the vehicle.

6. Jacks should not be overloaded!

7. To ensure the normal use of the jack, please keep the jack thread pair clean and lubricated.


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