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Hydraulic Jack for Heavy Machines

Hydraulic Jack for repairs, maintenance and installation of heavy machines
Capacity: 5 ton, 10 ton and 25 ton
To avoid possible personal injury or damage to equipment.
Sales Model: Wholesale
Paint Color: Optional
Packing: plywood box

  • TOH-05, TOH-10 and TOH-25
  • 8425
  • Min order : 30pcs
  • Unit: pc
Package size:
Hydraulic jack for heavy machine 
Capacity: 5ton, 10ton and 25ton
To avoid possible personal injury or damage to equipment
Do not exceed load may cause the jack or load to slip.
An unstable load may cause the jack or load to slip.
Do not add additional load to a lifted load.
Do not use jacks if damaged, altered or in poor condition.
Do not use in unstable or hazardous position.
Do not lift people or loads with people on them.
Unit must be used on flat surfaces able on carry the load.
Do not lift at the end of the toe. Fully engage the load with the toe.
The load must be stable during lifting
Model Rated lifting Capacity(Ton) Toe Min. height(mm) Lifting Stroke(mm) N.W.(kg) Package size(mm)
TOH-05                        5T               25               230          25         370x200x430
TOH-10                       10T               30               260         35         380x230x490
TOH-25                       25T               58               273        103         540x320x620

Wholesale exporting main markets
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  • Basic operation method of floor jack

    1. When moving the floor jack, adjust the grip to 45°, and the staff can push and pull the jack.2. When the working position is aligned, adjust the grip to the horizontal direction, and adjust the position of the jack from front to back.3. Hold the squeegee lever handle and adjust the grip angle.4.


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