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How to use vehicle positioning jack?

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Although many of us plan to undertake overhauls of our vehicles, sometimes space simply doesn’t allow for our vehicle to sit on stands in the center of the garage. In these situations, it can be tricky to work out how to move a shell, especially when items such as breaking systems may not be operational. The vehicle positioning jack has been developed specifically for this reason, as a safe and easy method to relocate a non-running vehicle or shell to a new home.


How to use vehicle positioning jack?

The support bar on the vehicle positioning jack arm should be inserted into the groove of the fixed support point to keep it fixed.

When using the vehicle positioning jack, it should be placed on the designated support position under the car.

When turning the rocker arm to support the car, the support bar on the support arm can never slide out of the support point.

Rotate the rocker arm until the vehicle positioning jack feet support the ground. At this time, ensure that the top feet support the ground in a large area and the ground must be hard.

vehicle positioning jack 

Why we need vehicle positioning jack?

The vehicle positioning jack will save you time and money; the portable hassle-free jack-dolly combo lifts cars in seconds, and then vehicle positioning jack allows you to move it effortlessly across a floor. No more four-person crews straining to move a car. No more crushed oil pans or unnecessary damage.

Vehicle positioning jack has twin rollers slide around the tire and squeeze upward, lifting the tyre smoothly off the ground in seconds with a few pumps of the hydraulic foot pedal.

The low friction of vehicle positioning jack, with 360° caster wheels lets you spin, side load, and position the car without damaging the floor or the car, faster and safer than floor jacks and at a fraction of the cost of electric carts.


Matters need attention when using the vehicle positioning jack

Read all the instructions and warnings first before attempting to operate this Jack.

1.Do NOT operate vehicle positioning jack on surfaces that are not flat. vehicle positioning jack must be used on hard, level surfaces only. The vehicle may shift as soon as jack lifts the tyre from surface.

2.DO NOT overload the vehicle positioning jack bond the Maximum load Capacity.

3.DO NOT start the vehicle’s engine or drive with the jack in use. vehicle positioning jacks are designed for hand maneuvering of vehicles only.

4. No use jack to lift tyres wider than its capacity.

5.Do No attempt to push jack over obstacles, they are designed to be used on hard, level and smooth surfaces only.

6.Ater lifting, be sure to always secure locking pin in place. To lower vehicle remove the pin before the release valve.

Leaning something about how to correctly use vehicle positioning jack. can help you to repair cars, for automotive technician, knowing correctly use the vehicle positioning jack can help them get a safety condition of work.

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