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How to use porta power jack?

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The porta power jack is a mechanical tool designed primarily for car body alignment that pushes, pulls, aligns, unfurls and straightenes the car body. This is a vital piece of equipment for any garage, as it helps to reach the hard-to-reach parts. How to use porta power jack? What are the benefits of a porta power jack?


How does the porta power jack compare to other types of Jack?

What are the benefits of a porta power jack?

What are the safety measures when using the porta power jack?


How does the porta power jack compare to other types of Jack?

Porta power jacks are used differently from other types of jacks. Lifting jacks are used to lift the vehicle off the ground, while other jacks are used to hold the lifting vehicle in place. Door power jacks are used to push, expand, pull, align and straighten the body. It is often used to reach narrow parts of the vehicle that are not easily accessible by other body alignment tools.

porta power jack 

What are the benefits of a porta power jack?

1.They use hydraulic power to easily deploy and propel the body.

2.Most of them have a lift height of up to 18 inches, allowing them to work.

3.They have a load capacity of up to 20 tons, enabling them to push heavy bodywork.

4.Most portal power jacks on the market have overload systems to help prevent hammer and equipment damage.

5.They are portable, so no power supply is required.

6.Porta power sockets have various components that are easy to assemble.

7.Ideal for denting and bending in thick steel materials.

8.Most of them have multiple uses, such as body repair, dents and panels.

9.They have many uses, such as in garages, farms and heavy equipment maintenance.

10.They can be used to reach narrow Spaces inaccessible by other body alignment tools.


What are the safety measures when using the porta power jack?

1.Follow all manufacturer's instructions to handle, assemble, disassemble, and operate the porta power outlet.

2.Wear appropriate personal safety equipment when operating the door power jack.

3.Do not use the porta power jack as a support, lift or support device on the vehicle.

4.Keep your feet and hands away from the pillow to avoid being crushed or clipped.

5.For durability and safety, be sure to follow the load capacity of the manufacturer's porta power jack, which should not be exceeded in any way, even with any of its components (such as a rammer).

6.The working pressure of the door power socket should not exceed the maximum rated pressure.

7.Make sure the hydraulic hose is not twisted, curled, flattened or bent. Always check the hydraulic carriage for damage.

8.Do not use horse pull position or moving door power jack, always use handle for safe transport.

9.Before handling the hydraulic toilet, be sure to release the system pressure.

10.Keep hydraulic cylinder and horse away from fire.

11.Make sure the base is set on a flat, stable base to safely support the load.

12.To be safe, always be sure to balance and place the load in the center of the ram when using the Porta portable power supply. This is to increase the load weight of the whole jack.

13.When repairing the porta power jack, always use factory authorized fasteners, fittings, and hydraulic fluid.


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