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How to use long reach floor jack?

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Many DIY car repairs require you to reach the underside of your car. It is essential to know how to use long reach floor jacks safely in order to perform car repairs without worrying about the vehicle falling. This guide reviews how to use a long reach floor jack.

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How to use a long reach floor jack?


How to use a long reach floor jack?

Before jacking up your car, you must take safety measures to secure it. First and foremost, never use the jack to hold the car in place while you are under it. Use only jack stands that are properly rated for the weight of your vehicle. The long reach floor jack can lift a vehicle of any sort from the ground depending on the type and specification. You can start this by parking the car where the long reach floor jack is set and lock it down using the clock wheel to prevent the other tires from rolling while jacking the car. You can use a wooden wedge as well or a cinder block.

After that, you set the long reach floor jack under the vehicle and balance it in such a manner that the long reach floor. jack touches the car’s coupling point. You can check the car’s repair manual to determine the lifting position.

long reach floor jacksSubsequently, you can then jack the handle of the device until the contact point is raised to the desired height. Should it be that you would want to do some repairs or fix beneath the car, you can use the long reach floor jack to support the vehicle and gently unwind the long reach floor jack till the car balances on the jack stand. Note that you need to use car stands when working underneath a car. Never leave the car up on the long reach floor jack without stands.


All in all, Knowing how to use a long reach floor jack  properly can ensure that you can safely perform DIY car repair tasks such as changing a tire and others. Long reach floor jacks are an incredible piece of tools, indispensable to mechanics and motorists when it comes to fixing faults beneath the vehicle. Nonetheless, successfully using the long reach floor jack with no harm to yourself or your vehicle takes an adept knowledge of the exact type to use, how to use it, and what safety precautions are recommended for safe usage. Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter in Zhejiang China, the company is specialized in manufacturing/exporting all kinds of auto repair tools and vehicle maintenance equipment, such as kinds of bottle Jack, floor Jack, jack stand, porta power Jack, long reach floor jack, engine cranes, engine stands, shop press, spring compressors, oil extractors, sandblasters, benders and other related garage tools.

Having skilled workers, experienced engineer team and strict management, our company has much ability to develop new products every year. Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd commits to provide good service for our every cooperative partner in every area.

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