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How to use bottle jack to lift car?

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Bottle jacks are very common in our daily life, and there are many places where they are used. The most common use is to jack up the car with bottle jacks, so it is convenient to repair the car. Then how to properly jack up the car with bottle jacks?

Preparation before using a bottle jack

Steps for jacking up a car with a bottle jack

Matters needing attention

Preparation before using a bottle jack

It is best to wear gloves before using a bottle jack to avoid scratches and smudges. Before using a bottle jack to lift a vehicle, the vehicle should be parked on a flat, firm, level ground to prevent the vehicle from sliding or the jack toppling over. Generally speaking, the vehicle does not move without braking after the stop. If the road conditions do not meet the above requirements, the following ways can be used to assist: If you can't find a smooth surface, place large supports such as bricks, planks, etc. under the jacking to reduce pressure and avoid danger before using the bottle jack.

Bottle jacks

Steps for jacking up a car with a bottle jack

1, Manual transmission model pull up the handbrake, while the transmission into 1 or reverse (don't forget to start again), automatic transmission model is also pull up the handbrake, while the gearbox to P block position.

2, Put the bottle jack under the car for lifting operation. When the top of the jack comes into contact with the chassis, check whether the support is in place. This is very important. If the vehicle is not fully secured before the vehicle is supported, it is likely to slip due to the vehicle sliding during the supporting process. If the vehicle falls off the jack, the good result will be tool failure and the bad result will be injury.

3, Continue to lift after confirm fixed, this time must be steady, slow, a lot of family car jack rocker arm is fission structure, need to form a complete set of wrench and rotate after the casing links, so in the process of lifting jack, the strength should be uniform, avoid by all means is too fast or too hard, more haste, less speed, if cause damage in the process of lifting jack touch slanting, may even have no chance to secondary support, fire makes sweet malt.

Matters needing attention

The onboard jack can only support the routine tire replacement or suspension inspection, and cannot replace the lifting machine to carry out extensive maintenance work. It is strictly prohibited to poke the body or arm under the body of the car, which is more dangerous than it is worth. In addition, two other experiences are recommended for you. If you need to change a tire, loosen the fixed screw on the tire hub for one turn before lifting it with a jack, so as to avoid difficult force after lifting. After the jack is fully lifted, the spare tire or removed tire can be placed under the body of the car as a temporary insurance. If the jack fails, it will not cause more damage. The use of bottle jack is very simple, but in the use of the process, always remember to be flat, stable, slow, again do not use the car in the use of car jack into the car, hidden trouble is very big.


After reading this article, we will know how to properly use the bottle jack to hold up a car and be able to deal with problems calmly in case of car breakdown.


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