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How to use a car rotisseries?

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A car rotisserie is an adjustable steel frame that allows you to mount a vehicle, find the center of balance, and then rotate the entire vehicle to whatever position you need to work on it from. Much like their smaller cousins in the kitchen, the car rotisseries freely rotate and lock providing access to parts and mounts that may otherwise have been nearly impossible to break loose from underneath.

As we all know, when doing a proper restoration, it’s essential that you get into all those hard-to-reach areas on your vehicle. Car rotisseries are the answer to this by letting you be able to turn your vehicle 360 degrees, allowing you to get into these areas! However, if this is your first restoration you may not know how to set one up for your vehicle. Don’t worry though, we will be discussing how easy it is to set up a vehicle in this article!

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How to use a car rotisseries?


How to use a car rotisseries?

To use a car rotisserie because of weight you need to remove the drive train and you should remove all other parts of the vehicle that add weight and will get in the way. Basically, the only time you use one is when you totally strip the car down to its shell after removing every bolt-on part including the gas tank, suspension, interior, and glass. If you do not plan to go this far with your project then there is no reason for you to use a car rotisserie.

Another common mistake is thinking that a car rotisserie can be used for frame work. Although you can repair sections of the frame, floor, and other parts while it is on the car rotisserie you do not want to remove large sections of the body or frame. If you were to remove the roof or a quarter panel you would end up with a sag in the body not noticeable until you placed the car back on the ground. If the frame is very badly rusted or if you were to cut out a torque box or frame rail you would probably end up with catastrophic results requiring major frame work. All of your major frame work should be done on the ground on a frame jig with proper support. This includes replacing floors.

car rotisserie 

Well in many cases the frame will survive a lift and roll if you provide proper support at the door openings and make any major repairs or add temporary patches first. When you place your body on a car rotisserie you can then perform work like media blasting and repair small patches that are difficult to get to on jack stands.
Your welds will look better because you have better access and you can take more care working when you aren’t dodging molten MIG welder shrapnel.
Painting for show or professional restoration is another reason. If you are able to get to the underside of the vehicle after it has been media blasted then you will be able to hit all the hard-to-paint surfaces. You could probably perform this work on jack stands or on a lift but being able to rotate the vehicle 180 degrees can make the work go faster and end up with better results.


All in all, car rotisserie can be a huge time saver and convenience solver if they’re something you would use. If you want to restore a muscle car and know that you will be stripping the whole thing down, putting it on a car rotisserie instead of blocks will save you a lot of time and suffering. Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter in Zhejiang China, the company is specialized in manufacturing/exporting all kinds of auto repair tools and vehicle maintenance equipment, such as kinds of car rotisserie, bottle Jack, floor Jack, jack stand, porta power Jack, engine cranes, engine stands, shop press, spring compressors, oil extractors, sandblasters, benders, and other related garage tools. Having skilled workers, experienced engineer team and strict management, our company has much ability to develop new products every year. Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd commits to provide good service for our every cooperative partner in every area.

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