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How to store jack stands?

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Jacks and jack stands are commonly used in our daily life, so how to store them to ensure their normal use?

What is a jack?

How we use a jack?

What is a jack stand?

How to use jack stands?

How to store jack stands and jacks?

What is a jack?

Jack is refers to the use of rigid jacking as a working device, through the top of the pedestal or the bottom of the supporting claw small stroke of lifting heavy lifting equipment. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicles repair and other lifting, support and other work. Its structure is light and firm, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate.

jack stands

How we use a jack?

(1) Foundation of jack. The foundation of the jack should be smooth, solid and reliable. When setting jack on bottom face, should pad on road wood or other appropriate material, in order to enlarge stressed area.

(2) Jack placement. When the jack is placed on the soft ground, the wooden blocks should be put under the jack so as not to tilt and fall under the force. When the weight is raised, the support pad should be placed under the weight at any time, but the hand should not enter the danger zone. During the placement of the jack, the action line of the load center of gravity should be consistent with the axis of the jack. During the jacking, the risk of the jack being tilted or tilted due to the deviation of the jack foundation or the horizontal displacement of the load should be strictly prevented. To prevent the jack from sliding on contact with the metal or concrete surface of the weight, a hardwood block is used if necessary.

(3) Jacking operation. The jacking height of the jack shall not exceed the effective jacking path. When lifting large objects (such as girder) should be separated at both ends of the rise and fall, one end of the rise and fall, the other end must be solid, solid, put steady. Jacks shall not be used in excess of load.

Start the jack should not be rapid, should have a uniform pace of rise, drop slowly. When multiple jacks are used at the same time, operate simultaneously. After the operation of the jack, it shall be carefully checked to check the oil pressure and hidden trouble, and shall be maintained and placed in an appropriate place.


What is a jack stand?

Jack stand is used to support the object, usually used in conjunction with the hydraulic jack. When the Jack lifts the object, the security support is placed in the appropriate position for a long time to support.

How to use jack stands?

The jack stand should be placed under the weight after the weight is lifted by the jack. It should be noted that the position of the jack must be accurate and perpendicular to the weight (vehicle), otherwise it is easy to deform the weight.

How to store jack stands and jacks?

1, The jack stand should be put in a dry, dust-free place and kept clean. It should not be stored in a wet, dirty or open place. The jack stand should be cleaned before use, and check whether the piston lifting and all parts are flexible and reliable, and whether the oil injection is clean.

2, When using hydraulic jack, do not stand in front of the safety bolt of the jack. If the safety bolt is damaged, do not use it.

3, The jack stand should be vertical to the jack and the contact surface should be flat.

4, Jack stands should not lift heavy objects for long.

5, When the use of the jack stand place should be flat, solid, such as in uneven or soft soil ground, should be laid with a certain strength of the mat. In order to keep the contact surface between the jack stand and the weight stable, the contact surface should be padded with wooden boards.

6, The pipe shall not be connected to the rocker of the jack, or the length of the rocker shall not be extended in any other way.

7, The height of forward jacking shall not exceed the limit mark line. If there is no mark line, it shall not exceed three quarters of the height of screw screw or piston. It is strictly prohibited to use when the screw thread or rack is worn to 20%.

8, Pay attention to the safe operation of the jacking process. When jacking the weight, the weight should be jacked slightly first, and then check whether the bottom of the jack is stable and level. A slight tilt must be adjusted again until the jack is vertical, smooth and firm with the weight.

9, Jack drop should be slow, do not open the accelerator so that its sudden drop, rack jack should be so, in order to prevent a sudden drop.

10, When several jacks jack up a heavy weight at the same time, there should be specials agree to command, in order to maintain the synchronization of the lifting, to prevent uneven force, the object tilt and accidents.


Only by storing the jack and jack stand well and avoiding their damage can they prolong their service life and improve their working efficiency.

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