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How to repair a bottle jack?

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The use of bottle jacks is still very common in our daily life, and many places will use it. It is also very common for bottle jacks to break down as a result of long use, which requires us to understand the repair method of bottle jacks, so that we can calmly face the situation when the bottle jacks break down.

The construction of a bottle jack

How a bottle jack works?

Repair a bottle jack

Bottle jacks

The construction of a bottle jack

Bottle jack is a kind of light and small lifting equipment that USES steel jacking pieces as the working device and lifts heavy objects in the stroke through the top support or bottom support claw. Bottle jack is composed of adjusting nut, large piston, large cylinder, return valve stem, limit hole, handle, small piston, small cylinder and one-way valve.

The hydraulic system mainly consists of: power element (oil pump), performing element (oil cylinder or hydraulic motor), control element, auxiliary element and working medium.

1, Power element (oil pump) its role is to use the liquid prime mover mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure energy, is the power in the hydraulic transmission.

2, The performance element (cylinder, hydraulic motor) converts the hydraulic energy of a liquid into mechanical energy. Meantime? The cylinder moves in a straight line and the motor rotates.

3, Control element includes pressure valve, flow valve and direction valve, etc., their role is to adjust the speed of the hydraulic motor according to the need, and control the pressure, flow and flow direction of the working liquid in the hydraulic system.

4, Auxiliary elements in addition to the above three other elements, including the pressure gauge, oil filter, storage equipment, cooler, pipe fitting and mailbox, etc., they are equally important.

5, The working medium refers to the hydraulic oil or emulsion in all kinds of hydraulic transmission, which completes the energy conversion through the oil pump and the hydraulic motor.

How a bottle jack works?

When working, the small piston moves upward through the upward moving handle to form a vacuum. The oil is sucked into the small cylinder through the one-way valve from the mailbox, and then the downward pressing handle makes the small piston press down, and the hydraulic oil in the small cylinder is pressed into the large cylinder through the one-way valve, and then the large piston is pushed upward, repeatedly jacking up the heavy objects. After adjusting the screw, the starting height of the hydraulic jack can be adjusted. After the application, the return oil valve stem can be changed to connect the big oil cylinder with the mailbox. The oil directly flows back to the mailbox and the big piston falls.

Repair a bottle jack

Before fixing a bottle jack, first turn the oil out of the cylinder. It is best to have a special vise. If not, find another way to fix it. Put the seal on the bottle jack upper plug with round fluff milling after tear down, the screw and the cup and the piston parts out, and then observe the cup or piston rubber plug have worn or broken, bad to change it, look at the ball and check the oil bearing clearance ever bigger, scrutinize ball ever larger wear, if only replace broken. Finally, make sense of each part and reinstall it.


Once we understand the structure of the bottle jack and how to fix it, we no longer have to fear that the bottle jack will suddenly break down, saving us money and energy.


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