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How to make a shop press?

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A shop press is a machine that is often used in factories. It is widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. Here is how to make a shop press.

What is a shop press?

The construction of the shop press

Make a shop press

What is a shop press?

The shop press has the characteristics of wide application and high production efficiency. The press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming, etc. By applying strong pressure to the metal billet, the metal is plastic deformed and broken to produce parts. When the mechanical press works, the large pulley is driven by an electric motor through a triangular belt, and the crank slider mechanism is driven by a gear pair and a clutch, so that the slider and punch go down in a straight line. Upon completion of the forging work of the mechanical press, the slider will go up and the clutch will disengage automatically. At the same time, the automatic device on the crank shaft will be connected to make the slider stop near the upper dead center.

The shop press machine is driven by a motor through a driving mechanism to exert technological force on the work piece. The transmission mechanism is a belt transmission and gear transmission reduction mechanism; The working mechanism is divided into screw mechanism, crank connecting rod mechanism and hydraulic cylinder. There are three kinds of shop presses: screw press, crank press and hydraulic press. Crank press is also called mechanical press. The screw press has no fixed lower dead point. It can be hit and formed for many times for large die forging parts. It can be used for single, consecutive and inching. The impact force is related to the deformation of the work piece. The impact force is small when the deformation is large, and large when the deformation is small. It is similar to a forging hammer in these respects. However, its strike force is closed through the frame, so it works smoothly and vibrates much less than a forging hammer, which does not require a large foundation. The lower part of the shop press is fitted with forging ejector. The screw press has the functions of various forging machines, such as die forging hammer and mechanical press, etc. It is versatile and can be used in die forging, blanking, drawing and so on. In addition, screw press structure is simple, easy to manufacture, so it is widely used.

shop press

The construction of the shop press

Shop press also known as: hydraulic press, hydraulic press. The press machine is composed of four parts: the upper pressure four-column hydraulic press; Combination control cabinet; Electric heating system and heat preservation device; Mold delivery platform. The above composition adopts integrated design, which makes it easy in shape, beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, simple and reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance.

1. Four-column hydraulic press: The shop press shall have reliable structural stiffness and deformation resistance capacity, the position of the hydraulic station, the die lifting and connecting device for the shop press drain, and the hydraulic station and the shop press drain shall have detachable dust proof cover.

2. Heating system: The heating system is composed of steel heating plate, heating tube and insulation layer. The heating plate is divided into two parts, which are fixed connected with the base of the press and the pressure strip respectively, and easy to disassemble. The heating plate is made of high-quality steel tempered treatment. Place the electric heating tube and thermocouple in the heating plate. The thermocouple placement is reliable and easy to disassemble.

3. The control cabinet: Cabinet type press operation and temperature combination cabinet. Instruments and switches on the cabinet panel; Power switch, indicator light, voltmeter, ammeter; Press button and indicator light; Pressure indicating instrument; Heating switch and indicator light; Digital display temperature regulator (accuracy ±1℃); Insulation timer, over temperature alarm; The maximum operating temperature is 180℃; The heating rate was 1.7℃~2.5℃/min. Temperature non-uniformity ±3℃, the heating power of each phase power supply is balanced; The temperature regulator controls the corresponding temperature measuring area in real time. When the set value ±3℃ is reached, the timer will be used. After the set time is reached, the temperature control system can automatically warm up or power off according to the set value of the process.

4. Die carrier: The bench is a structure with a roller on the top, one end is connected to the press base, and the other end is placed on the ground. Carrying capacity 3T; The upper surface of the roller is flush with the lower heating plate; Plane size (2800~2900) ×750mm2; The heat insulation plate is placed around the press press row and the base to reduce the heat loss in the mold heating process. It is made of aluminum plate and insulation material. It can be divided into several pieces for ease of placement.

Make a shop press

Shop press can be shipped to site after the installation, open the packing cases, and then according to the instruction manual for installation work, will shop press on made a good cement foundation, work on the fuselage with level around before and after the test, levelness requirements per 1 000 mm length allowed on 0. 20 mm, if you have any rough materials iron to adjust, until it meets the requirements. After the cement is set, screw down the screws evenly and check the levelness of the fuselage table with the leveler. The shop press machine cannot start working until the foundation is completely set. After the installation of the shop press, the rust oil on the surface of the shop press should be carefully washed away with kerosene. Be careful that the kerosene does not fall on the surface of the paint, so as not to damage the paint. Be careful to clean the shoulder and the indentations. After cleaning, wipe them with cotton yarn and apply a thin layer of lubricating oil. And check whether the lubrication holes are unblocked and not blocked. After installation, the shop press should be equipped with a reliable grounding wire.


Through this article, you will know clearly how to make a shop press and how to use it safely.

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