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How to make a sandblaster cabinet?

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A cabinet for shotblasting small to medium sized components without the mess of open blasting, built entirely from stuff I had around the house and workshop.


Why Do People make Blasting Cabinets themselves?

Why do folks build homemade blast cabinets from household materials? It only makes sense if you have more time than money. Some people also see it as a challenge to see how much money they can save.

While we understand the motivation, getting your work done efficiently is a better use of your time. Like the other tools in your shop, a well-built sandblasting cabinet will serve you well and deliver value for many years to come. Even a down market blast cabinet is a better investment than a DIY blast cabinet.

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Tools and supplies needed to make a sandblaster cabinet

A large plastic container, some clear plastic, some strong adhesive, some wire mesh, 2 small blocks of wood and some screws,


Jigsaw or fret saw, tenon saw, hacksaw, drill (hand or power) with bit big enough to get your jigsaw or fretsaw blade in, files for finishing, screwdriver


Method of making a sandblaster cabinet

1. For the lid of sandblaster cabinet

Mark the window hole in the lid, leaving at least an inch of room all the way round. Drill a hole in the center to get the blade in. Cut out the hole using the jigsaw or fretsaw. Round off the edges with a file. Cut a piece of clear plastic to size, at least an inch bigger all round than the hole, with a jigsaw or tenon saw. Glue the clear plastic to the underside of the sandblaster cabinet's lid with no more nails or similar adhesive and allow to set for 24 hours.

2. For the body of sandblaster cabinet

Cut the mesh to a size it will fit in the bottom of the tub, about 3 inches from the floor. Cut two blocks of wood to a suitable size that they will support the mesh 3 inches off the floor, this is to hold the blasting piece out of the grit collecting on the floor. Screw the mesh to the wooden blocks using wood screws and washers to form a solid base for sandblaster cabinet that stands freely in the bottom of the tub. Using the drill and jig/fret saw as before, cut a hole approximately 4 inches in diameter in the center of one side, reasonably near to the top of sandblaster cabinet. I suggest using a round object such as a grease tin to mark this out most easily. If you are unsure, start with a smaller hole, I have big hands and wear thick gloves so you might be able to get away with a smaller hole. The smaller the hole, the less grit will leak out. Round the edges of the hole with the file.


Put your blast gun in the cabinet, put the grit and air hoses through the hole, clip the lid on and you are ready to go. The cabinet will need to be periodically emptied of grit, to do this simply take the lid off, take the grid out and pour the grit back in to its storage container.


I hope this has been of help to some of you.

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