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How to maintain a car rotisserie?

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A car rotisserie is an adjustable steel frame that allows you to mount a vehicle, find the center of balance, and then rotate the entire vehicle to whatever position you need to work on it from. Much like their smaller cousins in the kitchen, the rotisseries freely rotate and lock providing access to parts and mounts that may otherwise have been nearly impossible to break loose from underneath.

As we all know, the car rotisserie will inevitably be damaged or even fail with the passage of time, then we need to master certain car rotisserie maintenance methods and skills. The following article will describe how to maintain the car rotisserie:


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How to maintain a car rotisserie?


How to maintain a car rotisserie?

1.Regular Inspection
Know your car rotisserie well. Always inspect the car rotisserie before use, looking for cracks, loose nuts or bolts, and any damage that needs attention. When damage is found, repair or replace the car rotisserie.You should also be aware of any oil spots or signs of leakage where the car rotisserie was stored.
Under normal usage, a car rotisserie should not leak, and signs of leakage indicate that service is needed. Be sure to check the wheels for cracks, flattening on one side, or other damage. The wheels are a critical part of the floor car rotisserie system and any damage to them needs to be repaired before the car rotisserie is used again.

car rotisserie 

2.Keep It Clean
Because it has exposed grease, your car rotisserie will act as a magnet for dust and dirt. Clean it regularly with a clean cloth, and then wipe the surfaces down with a lightly oiled cloth. Once a year, (or more if you use your car rotisserie regularly or are extra hard on it), give the car rotisserie a thorough cleaning to remove any buildup that is not easily wiped away.

3. Storage
Always release all pressure in the car rotisserie cylinder before storing it. Not only does this remove stress on the system to keep it working longer, but it will also save you time in setting up the next time you need the car rotisserie, and you will need less space for car rotisserie storage. Always store the car rotisserie in an upright position to avoid causing potential leaks and car rotisserie malfunction.


All in all, car rotisserie can be a huge time saver and inconvenience solver if they’re something you would use. If you want to restore a muscle car and know that you will be stripping the whole thing down, putting it on a car rotisserie instead of blocks will save you a lot of time and suffering. Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter in Zhejiang China, the company is specialized in manufacturing/exporting all kinds of auto repair tools and vehicle maintenance equipment, such as kinds of car rotisserie, bottle jack, floor jack, engine cranes, engine stands, shop press, spring compressors, oil extractors, sandblasters, benders, and other related garage tools. Having skilled workers, experienced engineer team and strict management, our company has much ability to develop new products every year. Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd commits to provide good service for our every cooperative partner in every area.

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