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How to lower bottle jack?

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Bottle jacks are used in many areas of daily life, such as when a car tire blows or when lifting heavy objects, can be a very useful tool, but many people do not know how to use a bottle jack to lower it. Today we are going to learn how to lower a bottle jack.

What is bottle jack?

Precautions when using bottle Jacks

How to lower bottle jack?

What is bottle jack?

Jack is refers to the use of rigid jacking as a working device, through the top of the pedestal or the bottom of the supporting claw small stroke of lifting heavy lifting equipment. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicles repair and other lifting, support and other work. Its structure is light and firm, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate.

Bottle jacks

Precautions when using bottle Jacks

1, When using, if there is empty play phenomenon, you can first loosen the pump body on the oil screw, pump body vertical head downward empty play a few times, and then tighten the oil screw, you can continue to use.

2, When using, do not add off load or overload, so as to avoid the risk of damage to the jack. When there is a load, do not unload the quick joint, so as to avoid accidents and damage to the parts.

3, Hydraulic jack use oil as medium, so it is necessary to do well in the maintenance of oil and equipment, so as not to block or leak oil, affect the use effect.

4, New or long - term hydraulic jack, because there is more air in the hydraulic cylinder memory, so at the beginning of use, the piston rod may appear tiny jump phenomenon, the hydraulic jack can be no-load reciprocating movement of 2 to 3 times, in order to eliminate the air in the chamber. Idle hydraulic jacks for a long time, due to the seal is not working and hardening, thus affecting the service life of hydraulic jacks, hydraulic jacks in not in use, every month to make its no-load reciprocating movement 2 ~ 3 times.

How to lower bottle jack?

Connect the matching wrench and casing to the rear of the bottle jack and then directly rotate counterclockwise to lower the height of the jack. But it should be noted that when operating the bottle jack, do not exert too much force, otherwise the bottle jack is easy to cause accidents due to the sudden descent of the piston, there are certain safety hazards, and also cause some damage to the bottle jack. So you should control your strength when you go down. If the bottle jack gets stuck when it is half way down, it is very likely that the internal rust of the bottle jack. At this time, some lubricating oil should be added to the piston position of the bottle jack, which can not only prevent rust, but also ensure the normal work of the bottle jack.


Through this article, we can clearly understand how to safely and correctly lower the bottle jack, which not only protects ourselves but also ensures the integrity of the bottle jack.


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