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How to fix a floor jack?

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Floor jack is an important hydraulic element, widely used in heavy vehicles or mobile equipment dead weight support and equipment horizontal adjustment. Mainly used in factories, mines, transportation departments as vehicle repair and other lifting, support and other work. Floor jack should notice to use and maintain at ordinary times. But even the best tool can break down, and so can the floor jack. Here's a look at how to fix a floor jack if it breaks.

Repair method of floor jack

Notes for floor jack use

Floor jack

Repair method of floor jack

1, Floor jacks cannot be raised or cannot be raised to maximum height

(1) Check whether the oil discharge valve is completely closed (whether the oil discharge valve handle is completely tightened)

(2) Tighten the oil drain handle and loosen it half a turn. The pressure handle will drain the air.

(3) If the dust enters the hydraulic system or the hydraulic oil in the cylinder is too little, the oil hole bolts of the oil pump cannot be opened, the hydraulic oil can be replaced or the hydraulic oil can be replenished, the oil hole bolts can be tightened, the oil discharge handle can be tightened and loosened for half a turn, and the air can be discharged by the pressure handle.

2, Floor jacks vibrate or lift slowly when lifted

Tighten the oil drain handle and loosen it half a turn. The pressure handle will drain the air.

3, The handle automatically rises or falls when the horizontal jack supports the load

(1) Double pump Jack: pull out the double pump piston spring, unscrew the piston bolt, take out the bottom retaining ring, take out the two sealed steel balls, and check whether the steel balls are intact. If there is any damage, replace two 5.5mm steel balls, put in the steel balls, align the steel balls with the flat steel column and strike with 15kg force to make the steel balls and oil passage completely sealed, and install the piston.

(2) Gear jack: there is a 10mm or so hexagon socket bolt on the pump body on the left side of the handle. Open the bolt with a 10mm hexagon socket wrench. There are 5.5mm two 8mm steel balls inside.

4, Floor jacks support the load, the support slowly down

First check whether the drain valve is completely closed. Remove the oil valve bolt, take out the 5.5mm sealed steel ball inside, check whether the ball is in good condition, if there is any damage, replace the ball, use flat steel column to seal the ball thoroughly and fill the oil.

5, The piston oil spilling

(1) Double pump Jack: pull out the double pump piston and replace the new piston seal ring. If the oil discharge valve leaks, remove the oil discharge valve bolt and clean it, replace the sealing ring on the oil discharge valve bolt, and install the oil discharge valve.

(2) Gear jack: if the gear drain valve leaks oil, remove the drain valve bolt under the gear, clean it, replace the sealing ring and install the drain valve. Piston pump leakage, remove the leakage of the piston, clean, replace the new sealing ring, install the piston.

Notes for floor jack use

1. Fix the car before repairing, so as not to cause damage to the car and people when the car skids during lifting. Fixed vehicles using the handbrake alone is not enough, the most secure method is to pull the handbrake while the manual transmission model into 1 or reverse, automatic transmission model after pulling the handbrake will be pushed to P.

2. The floor jack must be placed on the hard flat ground. If the car happens to be damaged in the soft ground or gravel, hard wood points can be used to ensure the supporting Angle of the jack under the jack.

3. The inside of the side skirt of each car has the support point of the jack parallel to the side skirt, which can be touched by hand. So when using the dry weight top, it must be supported on the special support point, which is made of steel plate with high strength. Other parts, such as the engine under the guard, suspension of the hem arm to avoid the support of the jack, due to its own strength is low, it is easy to cause unnecessary damage when slipping.


We should properly use the floor jack to avoid damaging it as much as possible. If it is damaged accidentally, we can use the above methods to repair it.


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