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How to fill porta power jack?

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How does the porta power jack work? How to fill hydraulic fluid in hydraulic Porta Jack? How to maintain the porta power jack in daily use?


How does the porta power jack work?

How to fill hydraulic fluid in hydraulic Porta Jack?

How to maintain the porta power jack?


How does the porta power jack work?

1.Safety check: Before starting use, please check your portal power socket for damage, missing parts and leakage, and ensure that the work area is clean.

2.Assemble: You need to assemble a Porta outlet before use. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's manual for instructions on how to assemble a Porta outlet and how to disassemble it. You should assemble the door power socket according to its purpose (e.g. pull, stretch, unfold, or align).

3.Position the release valve firmly and close it by turning it clockwise before use.

4.After closing the valve and attaching the horse assembly to the plunger, draw in your door power jack to apply hydraulic pressure to the plunger assembly. The hydraulic power will allow the ram to stretch/stretch and repair the required parts of the body.

5.Continue pumping until the desired plunger width is reached.

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How to fill hydraulic fluid in hydraulic Porta Jack?

1.Place rags or old newspapers under the hydraulic cylinder to catch spills.

2.Remove the fuel plug from the hole in the fuel cylinder and place it in a clean and safe place.

3.Drain hydraulic fluid and dispose safely in accordance with the manufacturer's disposal manual.

4.Refill the hydraulic cylinder by filling the fresh clean hydraulic oil into the clean tank.

5.Fill the hydraulic cylinder with the and allow the hydraulic oil to overflow and settle.

6.Lift the hoist to the maximum height, open the cylinder release valve, and then return the hoist to the lowest position. This will release excess air from the cylinder.

7.Carefully check the oil level and add more oil if necessary. Reinsert the oil plug after refueling.


How to maintain the porta power jack?

1.Inspect hoses and connections for air leaks or missing pins or plugs.

2.Replace all damaged components in the porta power jack using only the parts recommended by the manufacturer.

3.Tighten the connections as required.

4.Always change the hydraulic oil according to the manufacturer's instructions. Never mix different oils in the hydraulic cylinder.

5.Lubricate all moving parts of the door power socket, such as hammer and connector.

6.Inspect plunger and pump pistons for signs of corrosion and rust, grease, and oil parts that require lubrication and oiling.

7.When storing the door power jack, make sure the pump piston and plunger are fully retracted.

8.Do not use sandpaper or abrasive materials to clean any part of the porta power jack.


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