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How to fill a bottle jack with hydraulic oil?

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One of the problems we often face when using bottle jack is, what do we do when the bottle jack runs out of gas? How do we add hydraulic oil to the bottle jack?

How to choose hydraulic oil for bottle jack?

How to fill a bottle jack with hydraulic oil?

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How to choose hydraulic oil for bottle jack?

The hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic jack plays a great role in the performance release of the tool. The hydraulic oil commonly used inside the bottle jack is 32# or 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, which is oily and stable and meets the requirements of the jack tool. However, when we choose the hydraulic oil for the bottle jack, we also need to pay attention to several factors:

1.Appropriate viscosity and good viscose-temperature characteristic viscosity is the first factor to be considered when choosing hydraulic oil for hydraulic jack. Under the same working pressure, the viscosity is too high, the motion resistance of hydraulic components increases, the temperature increases, the self-priming ability of hydraulic pump decreases, and the pipeline pressure drop and power loss increase; If the viscosity is too low, it will increase the volume loss of the hydraulic pump, increase the leakage in the element, and make the sliding parts of the oil film thin, bearing capacity decline.

2.In a good hydraulic system, a large number of moving parts need to be lubricated to prevent the wear of the cylinder jack relative to the moving surface. In particular, the cylinder jack with high pressure requires much higher wear resistance of the hydraulic oil.

3.Good oxidation resistance of the hydraulic oil in the bottle jack can also occur in the process of oxidation, the acid created could be increased by the hydraulic oil oxidation of metal corrosion, the sediment sludge may clog the filter and small aperture, make the job of hydraulic system of bottle jack is not normal, so demand has good oxidation resistance.

4.Good resistant to shear stability due to the hydraulic oil bottle jack through the pump, valve throttling mouth and crack subjected to severe shearing action, causing some of bottle jack oil macromolecular polymer molecules such as tackifier fracture, into small molecules, reduce viscosity, when the viscosity decreased to a certain degree of oil will not be able to use the bottle jack, so demand has good shear resistance.

5.Good anti-rust and anti-corrosive hydraulic oil in the process of using the bottle jack will inevitably come into contact with water and air as well as the acid produced after oxidation will rust and corrosion the metal, affecting the normal work of the bottle jack hydraulic system.

6.Good demulsibility and hydrolytic stability of hydraulic oil in the working process of bottle jacks, from different ways of mixing water and condensed water in by the hydraulic pump and other components.

7.Good resistance to foam and air release in the hydraulic oil tank of bottle jack, as the bubble with the oil circulation, mixed with oil will not only reduce the pressure of the hydraulic system bottle jack, lubrication condition is bad, still can let bottle jack abnormal noise, vibration, air bubbles also increase the surface area of the oil is exposed to air, accelerated the oxidation of oil, so the hydraulic oil has good foam resistance and air release.

8.Because the adaptability of the hydraulic oil and the sealing material is not good, the sealing material will expand, soften or harden to lose the sealing performance, so the requirements of the hydraulic oil and sealing material can adapt to each other.

How to fill a bottle jack with hydraulic oil?

On the side surface of the jack, there is a rubber plug. Put the jack upside down with the plug facing up, open the plug and fill with hydraulic oil. Fill with oil until the jack is upright and the oil level is just level with the plug.


Once you know how to insert hydraulic fluid into a cylinder jack and how to select hydraulic fluid you don't have to worry about a cylinder jack running out of oil.


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