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How to convert a shop press to air?

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The shop press is a kind of machine that is often used in factories, but few people know what the shop press is. Let's take a look at what the shop press is.

What is a shop press?

Usage of shop press machine

Precautions for using shop press machine

How to exhaust air?

What is a shop press?

The shop press has the characteristics of wide application and high production efficiency. The press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming, etc. By applying strong pressure to the metal billet, the metal is plastic deformed and broken to produce parts. When the mechanical press works, the large pulley is driven by an electric motor through a triangular belt, and the crank slider mechanism is driven by a gear pair and a clutch, so that the slider and punch go down in a straight line. Upon completion of the forging work of the mechanical press, the slider will go up and the clutch will disengage automatically. At the same time, the automatic device on the crank shaft will be connected to make the slider stop near the upper dead center.

The shop press machine is driven by a motor through a driving mechanism to exert technological force on the work piece. The transmission mechanism is a belt transmission and gear transmission reduction mechanism; The working mechanism is divided into screw mechanism, crank connecting rod mechanism and hydraulic cylinder. There are three kinds of shop presses: screw press, crank press and hydraulic press. Crank press is also called mechanical press. The screw press has no fixed lower dead point. It can be hit and formed for many times for large die forging parts. It can be used for single, consecutive and inching. The impact force is related to the deformation of the work piece. The impact force is small when the deformation is large, and large when the deformation is small. It is similar to a forging hammer in these respects. However, its strike force is closed through the frame, so it works smoothly and vibrates much less than a forging hammer, which does not require a large foundation. The lower part of the shop press is fitted with forging ejector. The screw press has the functions of various forging machines, such as die forging hammer and mechanical press, etc. It is versatile and can be used in die forging, blanking, drawing and so on. In addition, screw press structure is simple, easy to manufacture, so it is widely used.

shop press

Usage of shop press machine

Improper shop press operation or die setting is the primary cause of press damage and shutdown. Proper training of press operators and die setters ensures that they follow the correct procedures. This will quickly reduce downtime.

1, Lubricating oil is poured into the rotating shaft of brake at each point of the forward manipulator on each shift. The appropriate amount of no. 20-30 mechanical oil is filled with the oil gun at the head of the rod and ball every day before the shift. Lubricating oil is pressed with the oil gun at the clutch every day before the shift. Clean the machine before every shift stop.

2, Check the fasteners and make up the missing parts. Check the clutch and spring and belt. Check the lubrication devices of the machine tool. Check electrical wiring damage, aging, motor, electromagnet is normal. Inspect crankshaft guide for accuracy and wear. Check brake, clutch, slider, closing block, closing ring. Check the electrical control section. Check and adjust the connecting bolt of fuselage table.

Precautions for using shop press machine

According to different types of press machines and processing requirements, formulate specific, practical safe operation procedures, and carry out necessary job training and safety education. The user and operator must strictly observe the provisions and operating procedures of the safe use instructions provided by the design and manufacturing unit, and correctly use and overhaul the equipment. General safety operation requirements of press are as follows:

1, Before moving the equipment, check whether the operation part, clutch and brake of the press are in effective state, whether the safety protection device is complete and easy to use, whether there are any abnormal parts of the crank slider mechanism. If any abnormality is found, necessary measures should be taken immediately. It is not allowed to operate with disease. Disassembly and damage of safety devices are strictly prohibited. Before the formal operation, it shall go through idle test and confirm that all parts are normal before working. Before starting the machine, all unnecessary items should be cleaned up on the work table to prevent people from being injured by vibration or the sudden start of the slide block caused by the impact of the switch. Tools must be used in operation. It is strictly prohibited to directly reach into the die mouth to retrieve objects. Manual tools are not allowed to be placed on the mold.

2,When adjusting the position of the work piece in the die area or unlocking the work piece stuck in the die, the foot must leave the pedal. Multiple people operating the same press should be unified command, clear signal, the other side to give a clear response, and confirm to leave the danger area before action. The power should be turned off after a sudden power failure or operation, and the manipulator should be restored to the neutral clutch, and the brake should be in the braking state. When repairing and adjusting the press machine and installing, adjusting and disassembling the mould, it should be done when the machine tool is disconnected from energy (such as electricity, gas and liquid) and the machine tool stops running, and it should be supported reliably by adding pad blocks under the slider. Warning notice at the start switch of the machine.

How to exhaust air?

1. The small pipe connected to the air supply pipe is connected to the exhaust valve port of the automatic pressure switch. When the shop press reaches the set pressure, the mechanical lever action will cut off the power supply at the same time the exhaust valve needle will be pressed down, and the air valve will be opened to discharge the remaining air.

2. The small tube connected to the air supply pipe is connected to the solenoid air valve. When the shop press reaches the set pressure, the mechanical lever will cut off the power supply of the control contactor and stop. The contactless reset, normally closed contact to connect the solenoid valve power, gas valve open to discharge the remaining air.


This article will show you how to expel air from the shop press.

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