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How to clean vehicle positioning jacks?

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Jack general cleaning method is a new subject involving chemistry, physics, electricity, environmental protection, mechanics and testing technology. At present, methods such as gravity cleaning, working fluid cycle cleaning and no-load running cleaning are generally used (rough washing, fine hand washing). This article states how to clean vehicle positioning jacks.


Features of vehicle positioning jacks 

Vehicle positioning jacks a rule that the Easiest way to move cars around your garage! Although trained actuators positioning concedes a single woman to move cars, trucks and ATVs around the patch with the Ladies final elasticity. There is no hardship to pick up the vehicle and eliminate trucks under each of blame, as every element combines a jack and Dolly together in a square on the joints of the kit. Ideal for vehicles required under the law established or restored cars in confined spaces.

vehicle positioning jacks 

The way to clean vehicle positioning jacks

①Gravity cleaning method. It is to pour the cleaning oil to the best position of the hydraulic system of vehicle positioning jacks after the assembly is completed. After being filled, it is quickly discharged at a certain point in the lowest position of the vehicle positioning jacks ‘s system, and the cycle is repeated several times.

②Working fluid circulation cleaning method. Refers to cleaning with a cleaning oil truck, respectively connected with the system oil ports of the vehicle positioning jacks to be cleaned, and the cleaning time should last until the pressure of vehicle positioning jacks’ difference before and after the oil filter no longer increases.

③ No-load operation cleaning method. It refers to cleaning vehicle positioning jacks with the hydraulic system itself. This method requires disassembly of some pipelines of the vehicle positioning jack’s hydraulic system, and the blind pipe should be cleaned separately. Sensitive components in vehicle positioning jacks (such as servo valves) should be disconnected from the cleaning circuit, and the cleaning time is generally no less than 8h.


Maintenance of vehicle positioning jacks

Regular maintenance is recommended. Lubrication of the vehicle positioning jack is critical. Any contaminants like dirt, rust, etc. may damage the internal components of the vehicle positioning jack assembly. Ensure that the wheels are cleaned and are free of any dirt etc. before use. Doing this will prevent possible damage to the wheels.


The importance of vehicle positioning jacks cleaning

Whether the hydraulic oil is clean or not directly affects the normal operation of the vehicle positioning jacks hydraulic system and is also closely related to the service life of the vehicle positioning jacks hydraulic components. Most of the failures of the vehicle positioning jacks hydraulic system are related to the contamination of the hydraulic oil, so it is necessary to improve the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.


I hope this article has helped you get more particular knowledge of how to clean vehicle positioning jacks. it is important to correctly store the vehicle positioning jacks which can prevent the damage of the jack and make sure jack will work when you want to use it. Our company specializes in the production of vehicle positioning jacks with professional knowledge and rich experience. If you need a vehicle positioning jacks, please contact us.

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