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How to clean long reach floor jack?

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Long reach floor jack safety mechanism is elaborately designed, the foot pedal brings the saddle up to load quickly. In order to ensure safe use of the high-precision hydraulic cylinder. It is easier to move and operate the universal wheel with a ball bearing in the rear wheel.

A dirty long reach floor jack will fail and break down, no if's, ands, or buts. Dirt is a common reason why a long reach floor jack might fail. If you're using a  long reach floor jack in an outdoor environment where snow, sand, water, grit, or other foreign matter can accumulate on the long reach floor jack and if not cleaned off quickly enough can work its way into the system and contaminate the system. Then, let's introduce in detail how to clean long reach floor jack?


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How to clean long reach floor jack?


How to clean long reach floor jack?

Ordinarily, long reach floor jacks ought to last for years; this, however, depends on your maintenance culture and how much you care for it. These are some of the ways you can take good care of your long reach floor jack.

Long reach floor jack

1.Frequent Inspection
Ensure you know your long reach floor jack well enough by regularly checking for fissures, loose bolts, and any dents that could reduce the liability of your long reach floor jack.

2.Ensure that it is always clean

More often than not, your long reach floor jack will be in contact with grease, dust particles, and such things. You will do well to wipe it frequently with a damp cloth to clean it up.

3.Frequent Cleaning

After you’ve used the long reach floor jack, clean it before you store it. If you wipe down the metal it will attract less dust. Use a mild soap solution to clean the exterior of the long reach floor jack. Do not clean the moving hydraulic components. Make sure to lubricate periodically to help prevent premature wearing of parts. A general purpose grease should be applied to caster wheels, front axle, elevator arm,handle base pivot bolts, release mechanism and all other bearing surfaces. Check the seals after use to check for possible oil leakage and replace the seals immediately if you notice any. Don't use the long reach floor jack again until you've done so.


All in all, long reach floor jacks are an incredible piece of tools, indispensable to mechanics and motorists when it comes to fixing faults beneath the vehicle. Nonetheless, successfully using the long reach floor jack with no harm to yourself or your vehicle takes an adept knowledge of the exact type to use, how to use it, and what safety precautions are recommended for safe usage. Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter in Zhejiang China, the company is specialized in manufacturing/exporting all kinds of auto repair tools and vehicle maintenance equipment, such as kinds of bottle Jack, floor Jack, jack stand, porta power Jack, long reach floor jack, engine cranes, engine stands, shop press, spring compressors, oil extractors, sandblasters, benders and other related garage tools. Having skilled workers, experienced engineer team and strict management, our company has much ability to develop new products every year. Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co., Ltd commits to provide good service for our every cooperative partner in every area.

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