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How to build a shop crane?

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Shop crane refers to a range of vertical lifting and horizontal lifting heavy lifting multi-functional machinery Often appear in the workshop, is an important tool for carrying heavy loads, so how to install the shop crane?

What is a shop crane?

Requirements for build of shop cranes

Steps for build a shop crane

What is a shop crane?

Shop crane refers to the vertical lifting and horizontal lifting machinery within a certain range of heavy lifting. The working characteristic of the shop crane in is to do the intermittent movement, that is, in a working cycle, the corresponding mechanism of the movement of material, transport, unloading is alternately working. The shop crane mainly includes lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism and metal structure. Lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of shop crane, which is mostly composed of hanging system and winch, but also lifting heavy objects through hydraulic system. The operating mechanism is used to move heavy objects vertically and horizontally or to adjust the working position of the shop crane. It is generally composed of an electric motor, a reducer, a brake and a wheel. The luffing mechanism is only equipped on the boom crane. The amplitude decreases when the boom is raised upward and increases when the boom is lowered downward. There are two types of luffing amplitude: balanced luffing amplitude and non-balanced luffing amplitude. A slewing mechanism for making the boom turn is composed of a driving device and a slewing bearing device.

Shop crane

Requirements for build of shop cranes

1, check the list, check, sign.

2. Appearance inspection and confirmation.

3. Make installation plans and implement installation procedures

4. Repair damaged parts brought by transportation

5. Check lubrication condition.

Steps for build a shop crane

Installation of shop crane track

(1) Accessories such as track pads, pressing plates and bolts shall be processed in advance, and the materials used shall meet the requirements of the drawings. Test the control point and hang the piano line. One end of the piano line is fixed on the wire rack and the other end is hung with heavy objects, so that the piano line is in a state of free tension. Adjust and install the track according to the control point and the piano line.

(2) The track shall be straightened before installation, and the level, elevation, gauge and height difference between the two tracks after installation shall meet the requirements of the drawings and relevant specifications.

(3) The lap length and welding height of pressing plate bolts and anchor hooks shall meet the requirements of drawings and relevant specifications.

(4) The staggered distance of upper and lower track joints shall meet the requirements of the specifications and drawings, and a gap of 2 ~ 3mm shall be set aside for adjacent track joints.

(5) The gear should be perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the track.

The installation of the bridge crane

(1)Find out the assembly number between the bridge machine equipment.

(2)Determine the installation direction of the bridge machine, and then determine the specific hoisting sequence of each part of the bridge machine.

(3)Determine the specific installation location of the bridge unit according to the actual space size of the installation room, requirements of unloading in the installation room, layout position of hoisting equipment and lifting characteristics.

Installation of sliding contact line

(1)According to the design pile number, the height of the survey line.

(2)The additional device (iron plate) and embedded parts of the suspension support frame of the sliding contact line shall be welded firmly. It can withstand the weight of the sliding contact line itself and the force generated when the collector runs.

(3)Install the sliding contact line according to the construction drawing and the manufacturer's technical drawing. The quality indexes such as non-straightness and levelness shall meet the requirements of the specification.

Large axle frame assembly

(1) Bridge walking machine cart car lifting machine installation direction hoisting bridge respectively in accordance with the bridge cart walking trolley, trolley lagged in orbit to adjust its position and horizontal levelness, four groups of car walking in the same bridge machine center distance and diagonal distance adjustment to conform to the drawing number, finally vehicle based temporary fixed Angle with Taiwan to prevent capsizing.

(2) Main girder hoisting

①The main beam shall be hoisted with double lifting points. The tail water construction portal crane and a 50T truck crane temporarily arranged in the installation room shall be used. The position of the lifting points before hoisting shall be strictly calculated so that the weight of the main beam shall be proportionally distributed on the two cranes. During the hoisting process, two hoisting equipment must coordinate their actions. Before lifting, the electrical equipment which is difficult to install in the box girder should be placed in place in advance.

②After the girder of the bridge crane is transported to the installation room by semi-trailer, it is stopped at an oblique Angle. The hook of the car crane and the hook of the door crane are respectively hung above the girder and at the downstream side lifting points. The cable wind rope is hung on the girder to stabilize the position of the girder during hoisting. At the same time, slowly lift the main hook and pull the trailer out of the installation room after the main beam has left the trailer.

③During the hoisting process of the girder, the two hoisting equipment make coordinated actions, and then the girder of the bridge crane is gradually hoisted to the upper part of the walking trolley with the assistance of artificial cable wind rope.

④The two cranes coordinate with each other to rotate the position of the girder so that the axis of the girder is perpendicular to the Y-axis of the workshop. The girder of the bridge machine is slowly dropped onto the walking platform, and the connecting pin of the girder and the walking platform and the lock plate at both ends of the pin are installed.

⑤Insert steel plate and wedge plate between the girder and the roof of the trolley to level the girder.

⑥Adjust the actual distance between two beams of the same bridge machine to match the length of the end beam.

Trolley assembly hoisting

Hoist the drum, motor, gearbox and other components of the trolley into place, adjust the position deviation of each component and its level to meet the requirements of the specification, and then connect the trolley frame.


Through this article you can understand how to build a shop crane, when installing shop crane should pay attention to safety.

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