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How to add oil to engine hoist crane?

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It is well known that the shop crane needs oil to start, so how to add oil to the engine shop crane?

What is a shop crane?

How to use a shop crane?

How to add oil to engine hoist crane?

What is a shop crane?

Shop crane refers to the vertical lifting and horizontal lifting machinery within a certain range of heavy lifting. The working characteristic of the shop crane in is to do the intermittent movement, that is, in a working cycle, the corresponding mechanism of the movement of material, transport, unloading is alternately working. The shop crane mainly includes lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism and metal structure. Lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of shop crane, which is mostly composed of hanging system and winch, but also lifting heavy objects through hydraulic system. The operating mechanism is used to move heavy objects vertically and horizontally or to adjust the working position of the shop crane. It is generally composed of an electric motor, a reducer, a brake and a wheel. The luffing mechanism is only equipped on the boom crane. The amplitude decreases when the boom is raised upward and increases when the boom is lowered downward. There are two types of luffing amplitude: balanced luffing amplitude and non-balanced luffing amplitude. A slewing mechanism for making the boom turn is composed of a driving device and a slewing bearing device.

Shop crane

How to use a shop crane?

1. The operator must check the brake, hook, wire rope, safety device and other components of the crane, and rule out any abnormal situation.

2. When the heavy weight is lifted for the first time in each shift (or when the load reaches the maximum), the weight should be lowered again after the lifting height is 0.5 meters from the ground, so as to check the performance of the brake and carry out normal work after it is confirmed reliable.

3. During the operation, the operator shall ring the bell to alarm the following operations according to the provisions.

(1) Lifting and dropping heavy objects; When driving big cars or small cars.

(2) If the line of sight is not clear, the crane shall ring the bell to alarm continuously when moving or passing.

(3) When the crane moves close to another crane within the span.

(4) When lifting heavy objects and approaching personnel.

4. The operation shall be carried out according to the unified command signal.

5. In case of sudden power failure during work, all controller handles should be placed at the "zero" position, and check whether crane movement is normal before working again.

6. The limit position limiter of the crane shall not be used for parking, and the lifting mechanism brake shall not be adjusted under load.

7. During operation, keep a close eye on the direction of operation and the presence of unmanned or obstructions nearby. When the work is finished, the engine anchor should be located.

8. After work, raise the crane hook to a certain height, park the truck at the designated position, put the controller handle at the "zero" position, pull down the protection box knife switch handle, and cut off the power supply.

9. Carry out daily maintenance of the crane and make handover records.

How to add oil to engine hoist crane?

The oil will be refuelled in advance when leaving the factory, but the oil has a service life, and will be replaced after 200 or 500 hours.


Maintenance of a shop crane is very important, so it is very important to fuel on time.

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