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How does a bottle jack work?

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Bottle jack is a very simple lifting equipment, generally used in factories and mines. The most common is when the vehicle is repaired, it is used to lift the vehicle and support it for easy maintenance. This is the role of the bottle jack. There are many types of bottle jacks, some of which have relatively small lifting weight, and are generally used for vehicle maintenance. This is a mechanical jack. Because of the small lifting capacity, mechanical jacks generally cannot be used when repairing bridges. There is a hydraulic jack. The use of hydraulic jacks is relatively wide, because it works very smoothly, has a compact structure, and has a self-locking effect, so it is more popular. The only drawback is that the lifting speed is relatively slow, and the lifting height is still limited. Next, the bottle jack will be introduced in detail.


This article contains the following:

What is a bottle jack?

The working principle of the bottle jack

How to maintain the jack?


1.What is a bottle jack?

Bottle jack, also known as iron man, is a tool that uses a screw mechanism to lift heavy objects. There are many types, including Pascal’s principle hydraulic jack, screw jack using thread and rack drive jack using rack and pinion. The most commonly used is the car jack. It is often used when repairing car chassis or replacing tires. Bottle jacks are usually marked with the maximum weight that they can lift. Mechanical jacks use threads to lift heavy equipment, and hydraulic jacks use hydraulic power to lift heavy equipment. The rated power of industrial jacks can reach several tons.The bottle jack structure is light, firm, flexible and reliable.It not only can be carried but also operated by one person. As a tool with a wide range of use, it is cast with the highest quality materials to ensure the quality and service life of the bottle jack.

 Bottle jack

2.The working principle of the bottle jack

There are two types of jacks:mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks.They are have different principles. In principle, the hydraulic jack principle is based on the Pascal principle, that is: the pressure of the liquid is the same everywhere, so that in a balanced system, the pressure exerted on the smaller piston is smaller, and the pressure exerted on the larger piston It is also relatively large, which can keep the liquid still. Therefore, through the transfer of liquid, different pressures on different ends can be obtained, so that a transformation can be achieved. The hydraulic jack that we commonly see uses this principle to achieve force transmission. The mechanical jack adopts the mechanical principle. The handle is pulled back and forth, and the pawl is pulled to push the ratchet gap to rotate, and the small bevel gear drives the large bevel gear to rotate the lifting screw, so that the lifting sleeve can be raised or lowered to achieve the lifting force. Features. But it is not as simple as a hydraulic jack.


3.How to maintain the jack

(1) Generally, the oil of the bottle jack must be changed once a year, and the oil pipes must be cleaned one or more times during a year to ensure that the jack may be used normally and personal safety.

(2) If your disassembly technology is not good enough, it is recommended that you can find professionals to disassemble, so that the bottle jack can live longer, and most importantly, it can improve personal safety and life is precious.

(3) The bottom of the bottle jack should be flat and tough when using it. Oil-free wood planks to expand the bearing surface and ensure safety. Can not use iron plate instead of wood board to prevent sliding.

(4) The lifting is required to be stable, and the heavy objects should be checked for abnormal conditions after a while. If there is no abnormal condition, the lifting can be continued. Do not lengthen the handle arbitrarily or operate it too hard. Not overloaded, super high. When a red line appears on the sleeve, it indicates that the rated height has been reached and the jacking should be stopped.

(5) When several jacks are working at the same time, a special person must be instructed to make the lifting or lowering proceed simultaneously. The wood block should be supported between two adjacent jacks to ensure the spacing to prevent sliding. When using a jack, always pay attention to the sealing part and the pipe joint part, and it must be safe and reliable.

(6) When the jack is used, the support column should be retracted in time. For ordinary jacks, loosen the pressure relief screw below, and then manually retract it. If you find that it cannot rise, you should add hydraulic oil in time. How to leak or fail to rise? Maintenance, replacement of seals.

(7) Prepare wearing parts for timely replacement to ensure normal use during work.


Therefore, equipment like bottle jacks needs timely maintenance. Although the size and shape of the bottle jack vary greatly, as long as you master its instructions, you can play its role. Any type of bottle jack has its advantages and disadvantages, but I believe that with the progress of the times, the development of various technologies, and the technology of various equipment are also changing.The disadvantages of the bottle jack will also be improved, and it will be more convenient for our lives.


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